Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Bright Gift Kitchenware, A Christmas Window Display

 photo LASS2015NOVxmasBright_zps9ak9ckhc.jpg
A visual link to the main, central display is provided through the use of purple and gold star decorations. Products of a more novel, gift orientation were chosen to provide a light, bright foil to the more sensible main display, to its right.

 photo LASS2015NOVxmasBrightDETCof_zpsbow9hrmt.jpg
The Geometrix, boxed mug on the left provided inspiration through its rectangular tetrad colour palette.

 photo LASS2015NOVxmasBrightDETCup_zpsiuuqfzx6.jpg

 photo LASS2015NOVxmasBrightDETpot_zpsjagl8xrm.jpg
Only the most colourful and bright products are part of this story. These animal pot lid lifters sold out.

Client: London and American Supply Stores

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