Monday, June 15, 2015

Kitchenware Colour Splash, Window Display

 photo LASS2015JUNColourFun_zpsltotf1ct.jpg
Brightening up a dull Winter's day in Melbourne with colourful and fun products by Saxon, Ototo, Fusion Brands, Kitchencraft and Fred and Friends​.

Client: London and American Supply Stores

Fresh Kitchenware Window Display

 photo LASS2015JUNFreshRedGreen_zps8vrjo5f7.jpg
Keeping it bright and lively with fresh greens and products to prepare fresh produce by Joseph Joseph, Bamix and Microplane.

Client: London and American Supply Stores

Solid Tekniks' Cast Iron Window Display

 photo LASS2015JUNAusFonteCastIron_zps0dqq3xuf.jpg
Australian made cast ironware by Solid Tekniks is the foundation of this display. Product information and country of origin and particularly important in selling this range. This is why the base of one product is featured, to reveal a map of Australia.

Client: London and American Supply Stores

Blue Winter: Kitchenware Window Display

 photo LASS2015JUNBlueWinter_zpsdhqgqpjg.jpg
Blue Winter features sky blue Chasseur and midnight blue Thermos products.

Client: London and American Supply Stores

Winter Kitchenware Window Display

 photo LASS2015JUNwhole_zpsted5yqwq.jpg
Featuring Thermos, Chasseur, Solid Tekniks' cast ironware and other Winter related kitchenware, with a splash of colourful and fun products to brighten up a dull Winter's day in Melbourne.

Client: London and American Supply Stores

Monday, April 20, 2015

Mothers' Day Kitchenware Window Display

 photo LASS2015APR_Anzac_zpskwub6ii9.jpg
Mothers' Day gift ideas to suit a range of budgets.

 photo LASS2015APR_ANZACarthur_zpstg0etzqv.jpg
Little knight awaiting buttered soldiers.

Client: London and American Supply Stores.

Mad Millie Kits Window Display

 photo LASS2015APR_MDayMMillie_zpskow9ubof.jpg
Mad Millie cheese making kits, sauerkraut crock with other gourmet DIY equipment. An earthy, homemade scene is set with the use of simple brown paper backdrops, whilst the purple makes all of the warm brown warmer and inviting. Sourced food props complete the picture. This display has been reconfigured a number of times after installation due to stock selling out as well as new arrivals. This isn't the original configuration, but it's close in terms of composition.

 photo LASS2015APR_MDayMMillieDETAIL_zpsaszjfhxi.jpg
Detail of the central display. A recipe book holder was originally part of the display but it sold out.

Monday, March 02, 2015

Easter kitchenware window display

 photo LASS2015FEBEaster_zpskq4laxhq.jpg
Easter kitchenware window display featuring electrical appliances and accessorised with non-seasonal stock pertaining to chickens, rabbits and chocolate.

 photo LASS2015FEBEasterDETAIL_zpsvnf7eiyq.jpg
Detail of centre

 photo LASS2015FEBEasterChook_zps4ukeupdu.jpg
Some quirky details...

 photo LASS2015FEBEasterSkwerl_zpszu5mo11n.jpg

Client: London and American Supply Stores

Meat and Mexicana kitchenware window display

 photo LASS2015FEBMeatMexicana_zpsvzymtgzc.jpg
Meat and Mexicana kitchenware window display, featuring onion goggles with customised prop onions.

 photo LASS2015FEBMeatMexicanaDETA_zps9rkryz7z.jpg

Client: London and American Supply Stores