Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Easter Kitchenware Window Display

 photo LASS2016FEBeaster_zpso6bh4ips.jpg

 photo LASS2016FEBeasterDETAIL2_zpsfbhvqang.jpg
On the lower right is one of the penultimate dozen of ceramic chickens, painted exclusively for sale by the client.

 photo LASS2016FEBeasterDETAIL_zps84fnmgs2.jpg

Client: London and American Supply Stores

Teatime Kichenware Window Display

 photo LASS2016FEBteatime_zpstxi85qxs.jpg
Featuring new teapots, mugs and a breakfast tray table.

 photo LASS2016FEBteatimeDETAIL_zps4xpyj9ag.jpg

Fun Gift Ideas, Kitchenware Window Display

 photo LASS2016FEBFunBrightGifts_zpsexqlxpww.jpg
Recently popular gift ideas, and old favourites support new stock.

 photo LASS2016FEBFunBrightGiftsDE_zpsg3fewpmt.jpg

 photo LASS2016FEBFunBrightSpaceDE_zpsybmyecuh.jpg

 photo LASS2016FEBFunBrightBowieEg_zpswgo3xwn4.jpg
The Egg 51, UFO, flying saucer egg cup, suspended mid flight, as modelled by a hand drawn David Bowie / Aladdin Sane tribute egg.

Client: London and American Supply Stores 

Food Smokers Kitchenware Window Display

 photo LASS2016FEBSmokerPM_zpsjwkysxfx.jpg
Smokers and accoutrements including a selection of HACCP chips. 
Backdrop is simple brown paper with smokey, curling swirls drawn on with artists' charcoal.

 photo LASS2016FEBSmoBloPM2up_zps8cifmfkb.jpg
The Aussie Smoke Bloke cold smoker and Ausfonte cast iron, with Davis and Waddell smoker box.

 photo LASS2016FEBSmoBloPMDETAIL_zpsgktm2mtd.jpg
The Aussie Smoke Bloke cold smoker kit - fish BBQ cage and fish not included...
Smoke puff prop is an improvised nylon suspension.

 photo LASS2016FEBsmokerAusfonte_zps0nbculq5.jpg
 Ausfonte Deep Pan, Big Skillet and Large Grill It can be combined to create a a smoker 

Client: London and American Supply Stores 

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Summer Fresh and Bright Kitchenware Window Display

 photo LASS2016JANSummerFresh_zps6vbi8syk.jpg
A tetradic color scheme creates a bright upbeat mood.

 photo LASS2016JANSummerFreshDETAI_zpsw32zwtvz.jpg
Summer eating is all about fresh produce, featuring tropical fruit and salads.

 photo LASS2016JANSummerFreshDETk_zpsbdfxqqiq.jpg
Yellow isn't normally a colour that sells well, and neither did these jugs but plcing one in the window has inspired some sales.

Client: London and American Supply Stores

Friday, November 13, 2015

Cheese Making Kit, Class Table Display

The client, London and American Supply Stores ran two cheese making classes via Mad Millie last year. A table display was created for the classroom kitchen.

 photo LASS201520OCTCheeseClass1_zpsemadi6ny.jpg
The display from the first class.

 photo LASS2015NOVcheeseClass2_zpsmyqjhihk.jpg
The display from the second class, was kept simple with no kits opened. The pinned up aprons are intended to be reused for the next display when a class is held but the rest was packed up for sale.

 photo LASS2015NOVcheeseClass2d_zpsxjdc8zeq.jpg

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Classic Kitchenware, A Christmas Window Display

 photo LASS2015NOVxmasSKETCHmain_zpskzrzcetu.jpg
Display design drawing.

 photo LASS2015NOVxmasMAIN_zpsiilgicla.jpg
The client requested that the windows be as full as possible to make passers by stop to have a proper look. It works. Several popular items had to be pulled from the window to sell, then sold out.

The main window features traditional and classic kitchenware, major electrical brands and some new kits from Sausages Made Simple. The tone is set through use of traditional Christmas colours, with some turquoise to add a modern twist and some cool visual relief in the heat of Summer. This is balanced out with abundant use of red.

 photo LASS2015NOVxmasMAINnite_zpsuiirub8g.jpg
The client has installed timed spotlights to midnight for their late night window shoppers.

 photo LASS2015NOVxmasPastaDETAIL_zps7odnjmqq.jpg
From a gift pack for a manual pasta maker, accesories with new optional motor.

 photo LASS2015NOVxmasCutterStarDE_zps5xonmazo.jpg

 photo LASS2015NOVxmasCutterDETAIL_zpszy7c8ono.jpg
Gingerbread men cookie cutters - all of which sold out - with a cutter from gingerbread house template.

 Client: London and American Supply Stores

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Fresh Gift Kitchenware, A Christmas Window Display

 photo LASS2015NOVxmasFresh_zpsukyixqko.jpg
Fresh green kitchenware is carefully balanced with complementary colours, purple and violet for an eyecatching combination. A light scattering of decorative gold stars complements the purple stars as well as providing a visual link to the central featured display to the left.

 photo LASS2015NOVxmasFreshGiftsNi_zpst1zcppan.jpg
Note that some weeks passed between the day photograph and this night photograph detail. In that time some products sold out.

Bright Gift Kitchenware, A Christmas Window Display

 photo LASS2015NOVxmasBright_zps9ak9ckhc.jpg
A visual link to the main, central display is provided through the use of purple and gold star decorations. Products of a more novel, gift orientation were chosen to provide a light, bright foil to the more sensible main display, to its right.

 photo LASS2015NOVxmasBrightDETCof_zpsbow9hrmt.jpg
The Geometrix, boxed mug on the left provided inspiration through its rectangular tetrad colour palette.

 photo LASS2015NOVxmasBrightDETCup_zpsiuuqfzx6.jpg

 photo LASS2015NOVxmasBrightDETpot_zpsjagl8xrm.jpg
Only the most colourful and bright products are part of this story. These animal pot lid lifters sold out.

Client: London and American Supply Stores

A New Spin on Old School DIY: Kitchenware, Christmas Window Display

 photo LASS2015NOVxmasDIY_zpscm979h8w.jpg
A New Spin on Old School DIY kitchenware, featuring DIY Mad Millie kits and Solidteknics, Australian made cookware range.

As per client instructions there is an abundance of stock to stop the passers by in their tracks.

 photo LASS2015NOVxmasSKETCH4up_zpsrkkslrj8.jpg
Display design drawing.

 photo LASS2015NOVxmasDIYbrushesDE_zpsh4q6ghjt.jpg
An impression of rich earthiness is created through a soft triadic colour scheme of gold decorations, copper finish products, natural material's browns, accompanied by grassy greens, golden yellows, with small splashes of orange all on a violet background.

 photo LASS2015NOVxmasDIYyolkfish_zps6lmpz7o8.jpg

 photo LASS2015NOVxmasDIYonionsDET_zpsxxqa0pob.jpg
Customised by hand onion props, using real onion skin, prop up a pair of Onion Glasses.

 photo LASS2015NOVxmasDIYmugDET_zps7pxltrs6.jpg
Cookie cutter, boxed gift mug and tea infuser serve as a woodland themed gift suggestion.

Client: London and American Supply Stores