Thursday, April 20, 2017

Southern European and American spices, culinary adventures, Window Display

 photo LASS2017APR_SouthernSpice_zpsx1lvlive.jpg
Featuring props sourced, modified and constructed for the permanent prop library of the client, utilising real food waste products to create authetic looking food props: mussels, chestnuts, onions.

Client: London and American Supply Stores 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Earth Mama, Mothers' Day Kitchenware Window Display

 photo LASS2017APR_MDayEarthMama_zpsylfosdkh.jpg
The Earth Mama theme is conveyed through a natural, neutral colour palette of browns accented with Spring green and Autumnal orange. Whether one's mother makes pies, smokes food, drinks tea, makes her own bread, pasta, butter or yoghurt, is conscientiously plastic or waste free, or enjoys the luxurious pleasure of a glass of bubbly and fresh oysters after a hard day's work, there is something to suit everyone's mum.

 photo LASS2017APR_MDEarthBread_zpszup4wsam.jpg

 photo LASS2017APR_MDPasta_zpsodkaq0po.jpg

 photo LASS2017APR_MDEarthKAid_zps0hn3s9pj.jpg

Client: London and American Supply Stores 

Angry, Hot and Cool Mamas, Mothers' Day Window Display

 photo LASS2017APR_Mamas_zpse0eriltz.jpg
The supplier of the 'Mama' range completed delivery of the third product in the series along with POS material just in time for Mothers' Day.

 photo LASS2017APR_MamaDETAIL_zpsnjeeawxl.jpg
This included a solar powered turn table for the Angry Mama to spin her within her 'microwave' and an 'oven' for the Hot Mama. All 3 Mamas have proven extra popular since the installation of this informative window, teamed with a front of store, table display.

The client made some toast to prop in a toast rack and complement the Breville toaster, placed in this story as part of a Mothers' Day promotion.

Client: London and American Supply Stores 

Friday, March 17, 2017

Easter Kitchenware Window Display

 photo LASS2017easterSKETCH1_zps2xegpjjd.jpg
Initial concept development sketch.

This year a concerted, self driven effort was made to dress the Easter windows as they had not been done before.
  • Easter windows can be very bitsy due to the small scale of the merchandise. Cake tins were used to add visual presence and to complement the sweetness of Easter treats. Additionally...
  • ...Hand drawn and cut out, larger than life rabbit props were made from reclaimed cardboard
  • Temporary nest like structures made of woodstraw were fashioned, to evoke Spring
  • Instead of a pair of aprons flanking the central panel, a single apron created the peak, in line with the solid background
  • Chocolate moulds that had previously been deemed too irksome to repack were carefully unpacked to keep the soft colour palette as tight as possible. 
  • Prop eggs from the Flying Frog Concepts Prop Library were used, instead of the eggs originally sourced for the client years ago.

 photo LASS2017MAR_EasterPastels_zps8rcn2yoo.jpg

The result was delighted customers and passersby with sell out sales of many items. Some stock was reordered and still sold through strongly. It made maintaining the window challenging but worthwhile!

 photo LASS2017MAR_EasterCENTREbun_zpswovizxm5.jpg
Close up of central panel.

 photo LASS2017easterSKETCHrabbits_zps4nsno6pf.jpg
An assortment of stylised rabbit poses developed for the window. The yellow, orange and pale purple poses were used.

 photo LASS2017MAR_EasterDETbbun_zpsb6olpe6a.jpg
Baby rabbit, handmade cut out from reclaimed corrugated cardboard.

 photo LASS2017MAR_EasterDETAILbun_zpscpurumdy.jpg
Rabbit cardboard prop.

 photo LASS2017MAR_EasterDETpancak_zps118bxkyn.jpg
Grouping the rabbit pancake ring with the crepe spreader, next to the Kitchenaid stand mixer helps to convey the purpose of the object for those not familiar with it.

 photo LASS2017MAR_EasterDETAILpink_zpsrq7i1uhq.jpg
Pretty in pink - and a fun way to display duck and baby chick biscuit cutters, by posing them in a ceramic egg tray with prop eggs. Taking a cue from the apron and oven mitts in the display, black and granite tones were strategically used in the window display to add impact, and a mature sophistication to what would otherwise be a very soft and feminine colour palette.

 photo LASS2017MAR_EasterDETAILskw_zpsyn5esz1o.jpg
Reclaimed woodstraw was used to create several clean, earth toned bird nests. Here is a squirrel egg cosy with a pair of eggs in an enamel dish 'nest'.

 photo LASS2017MAR_EasterDETAILegg_zpsxqxuebl4.jpg
This temporary prop nest made of woodstraw, cradles a speckled egg from the Flying Frog Concepts Prop Library. One dozen such eggs in speckled, pale blue and terracotta were used throughout the display.

 Client: London and American Supply Stores 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Copperware, BKF and Duke and Doll Kitchenware Display

 photo LASS2017FEBcopperDD_zpsfyba0ygo.jpg

 photo LASS2017FEBcopperDDDETAIL_zps3ndk7yva.jpg
The Stephanie Alexander copper and brass measuring spoons with matching cups have proven such a drawcard that this particular display has been left in for over a month. It's an unusual occurance but the display is so keenly on trend it is with reluctance that it will be removed.

 Client: London and American Supply Stores 

Icecream Window Display

 photo LASS2017FEBIcecream_zpsc5hcnnzn.jpg

 photo LASS2017FEBIcecreamSTYLE_zps8pscx7af.jpg
Dry food styling, icecream sundae using faux fruit and artfully manipulated tissue paper. With the adjacent checkered background a retro, icecream parlour flavour is evoked.

 photo LASS2017FEBIcecream3_zpsxta6cn40.jpg
Dry food styled, icecream boat using carefully rolled balls of coloured tissue paper. The effect can not be replicated by simply scrunching it up.

 Client: London and American Supply Stores 

Magimix and Bamix Window Display

 photo LASS2017FEBMagimixBamixCHK_zpshumajeqp.jpg  
A new range of oven gloves with a checked cuff was the starting point for this display. This called for the main graphic banner, with an overall black and white palette teamed lime green highlights to keep it fresh and lively.

Client: London and American Supply Stores 

Monday, January 09, 2017

DIY Pasta, Food Smoking and Coconut Yoghurt Window Display

 photo LASS2017DIYOldSkool_zpszqctsbqq.jpg

 photo LASS2017JANDIYOldSkoolDETAIL_zps2vwrd0oo.jpg
The handmade coconut props from the Flying Frog Concepts Prop Library are not only a great conversation starter with customers but they also help sell coconut yoghurt kits.

 Client: London and American Supply Stores 

Summer Kitchenware Window Display

 photo LASS2017FEBSummer_zpsmprn9xs6.jpg

 photo LASS2017FEBSummerPunch_zpsojr3otxa.jpg
Dry food styling to bring to life the elements of a punch recipe featured in book.

 photo LASS2017FEBSummerSalad_zpsydptr178.jpg

 photo LASS2017FEBSummerJuicePops_zpspwvwn1xb.jpg
Dry food styling serving suggestions teamed wih ice pop mould to highlight that homemade ice pops can be healthy, full of fresh ingredients - unlike store bought ones!

 photo LASS2017FEBSummerJuiceDETAI_zpsvazkdy9f.jpg
A dry food styled serving suggestion.

 Client: London and American Supply Stores