Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Kitchenware Gift Ideas Window Display

 photo LASS2014NOVxmas4up_zps6418e56f.jpg
Four Christmas gift idea stories from left to right: French style and cheese making; colourful, clever and novel designs; barware and entertaining; coffee and tea time. The client requested a 'full' window with lots of small gift ideas, to ensure passersby had to stop to see it properly. There were many requests/purchases of window items, with some needing to be reordered due to unexpectedly high demand, while others sold out in the last few days towards Christmas. Once the client utilised external window night lighting an unprecedented amount of attention was attracted after hours, with a small crowd documented after 10pm, window shopping!

 photo LASS2014NOVXmasCoffeeTea_zps1d27feb5.jpg
Coffee and tea time featuring gift boxed ceramic mugs, coffee making accoutrements, and Keep Cups, with colourful cookie cutters as accessories.

 photo LASS2014NOVxmasCoffeeTeaDET_zps5bf6f3de.jpg
Detail of coffee and tea time story.

Client: London and American Supply Stores
Installed November 10th, 2014

Christmas Kitchenware Window Display

 photo LASS2014NOVxmas_zps2dd996c8.jpg
Featuring the electrical brands stocked by the client (KitchenAid, Magimix, Bamix and Cuisinart) plus seasonal/themed kitchenware. Products were grouped by colour to ensure they looked their best in front of the Christmas tricolours, and highly visible from a distance. The client requested 'a full window' to increase interest by ensuring that passersby had to stop to take it all in.

 photo LASS2014NovWreathDETAILgre2_zps5bcdfcce.jpg

Two wreaths were dressed with cookie cutters, small kitchenware and decorations. As the cookie cutters sold out they were replaced with glitter sprinkled, prop biscuits. This year in particular saw a strong result in terms of supply to demand of these seasonal products with very little left over, and many requests for window items.

 photo LASS2014NovWreathDETAIL-gre_zps3512f41b.jpg

 photo LASS2014NovXmasWreathDETAIL_zps7cce8dfe.jpg

Client: London and American Supply Stores
Installed November 10th, 2014

Monday, November 03, 2014

Men's and Women's Fragrance, Christmas Display

 photo UPxmaswindowdrawing_zps41134e3c.jpg
Designed to work with the corporate colours of the client while adding visual impact through volume, height and sparkle. Boxes, wrap, ribbons and decor were sourced within budget. The boxes were wrapped off site, along with contruction of some of the ribbon bows.

 photo USqPh2014Xmas_zps9fad239d.jpg
The final arrangement was modified slightly to accomodate the window depth, length and access point.

 photo USqPh2014XmasAH_zps7c444417.jpg
After hours.

Various details:
 photo USqPh2014XmasCENTRE_zps8a3117c6.jpg
The distant eyecatcher for foot traffic approaching via the car park.

 photo UPxmaswindowDetail2_zps928caf3f.jpg
Men's and women's fragrances. Handmade ribbon bows and loops with a glitter coated, storebought short cut on the lower left

 photo UPxmaswindowDetail3_zpscac90254.jpg
Products were selected both by abundance and colour to coordinate with decor...

 photo UPxmaswindowDetail1_zps360f0be9.jpg

Client: Union Square Pharmacy

Monday, September 15, 2014

Alfresco and on the go kitchenware window display

 photo LASS2014SEPSpringFreshRace_zps36bff230.jpg
Spiralizers - a device for making long, continuous strands or ribbons of vegetables or fruit - are very hot in kitchenware right now. This may be due to the growing popularity of low carbohydrate diets higher in vegetable content ... Or it could be because they are fun to use! Either way, this window has helped drive sales to require a mid-month reorder on at least one of these items.

Client: London and American Supply Stores

Fresh and novel kitchenware for Spring, window display.

 photo LASS2014SEPSpringFreshNovel_zpsa0989228.jpg
Fresh, bright and novel kitchenware for Spring, window display. Some lines had to be reordered mid-month to cope with the demand created by this display.

Client: London and American Supply Stores

Monday, June 16, 2014

'Chasseur: It's really French' campaign feature window display

 photo LASS2014JUNmanuFrench_zps8ba8f71c.jpg
'Chasseur: It's really French' campaign feature window starring celebrity chef Manu Feildel.
The French flag background is created with three seperate backdrops, for high visibility from passing trams, general traffic, and across the street.
Chasseur French ovens and grill pans supported by Laguiole Jean Dubost utensils and vintage style enamelware. All have sold strongly following installation of this display.
Client: London and American Supply Stores

Branded electrical kitchenware window display

 photo LASS2014JUNBamixMagimixBrek_zps5dcf2ec7.jpg
Branded electrical kitchenware window display, featuing Magimix and Bamix products with support from breakfast making accoutrements.

 photo LASS2014JUNMagimixBrekDETAI_zps7b34f3cf.jpg
Breakfast with Magimix.

Client: London and American Supply Stores

Classic kitchenware window display

 photo LASS2014JUNAntiqueStyle_zps9df00236.jpg
Classic antique style and luxe finishes, starring an Antique Copper Kitchenaid and Nutty the squirrel nutcracker.
Client: London and American Supply Stores

Kitchenware window display

 photo LASS2014JUNOverall4up_zps28af2aaa.jpg
Kitchenware window display for London and American Supply Stores