Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Fun, Modern and Feminine Kitchenware Display

 photo LASS2016AUGGiftsELECTRIC_zps522vtknv.jpg
A softly playful, modern, feminine colour palette of lolly pink, turquoise and crisp white - held in harmony with a purple background - highlights products of a similar taste. This display was installed at the same time as the Fathers' Day window, and thus balances that masculinity through being the opposite.

 photo LASS2016AUGGiftsELECTRICdet_zpsj8igbhd5.jpg
The Angry Mama and Cool Mama have both proven a hit, appealing to those who would also enjoy the Nessie utensils and tea infuser.

 Client: London and American Supply Stores 

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