Monday, November 03, 2014

Men's and Women's Fragrance, Christmas Display

 photo UPxmaswindowdrawing_zps41134e3c.jpg
Designed to work with the corporate colours of the client while adding visual impact through volume, height and sparkle. Boxes, wrap, ribbons and decor were sourced within budget. The boxes were wrapped off site, along with contruction of some of the ribbon bows.

 photo USqPh2014Xmas_zps9fad239d.jpg
The final arrangement was modified slightly to accomodate the window depth, length and access point.

 photo USqPh2014XmasAH_zps7c444417.jpg
After hours.

Various details:
 photo USqPh2014XmasCENTRE_zps8a3117c6.jpg
The distant eyecatcher for foot traffic approaching via the car park.

 photo UPxmaswindowDetail2_zps928caf3f.jpg
Men's and women's fragrances. Handmade ribbon bows and loops with a glitter coated, storebought short cut on the lower left

 photo UPxmaswindowDetail3_zpscac90254.jpg
Products were selected both by abundance and colour to coordinate with decor...

 photo UPxmaswindowDetail1_zps360f0be9.jpg

Client: Union Square Pharmacy

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