Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fathers' Day pockets watches, window display

 photo PL2013AUGfdayWHOLE_zpscca52af2.jpg
Traditional, classical, masculine style wih a quirky twist.

 photo PL2013AUGfday_zpsc999f305.jpg
Conventional scrapbooking elements used in an unconventional way.

 photo PL2013AUGfday2upDETAIL_zps59a74840.jpg
Affectionate details...

 photo PL2013AUGfdayWatchMo_zps21aed79f.jpg
... some subtle humour: a strategically placed moustache, from a certain angle looks like it belongs to the pocket watch!
The clients sold twice as many pocket watches than usual with this window.

Client: Peter Lane, Watchmaker - 257 Collins St, Melbourne 3000, ph:9654 6425

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