Saturday, December 01, 2012

Christmas Swans and Stars: Clocks and Watches Window Displays

 photo PLXMAS2012HeidiSwans_zps0e8024b4.jpg
Handmade Heidi Haus clocks and silver swans evoke a fairytale, European Christmas.

 photo PLXMAS2012RedStarPWatch_zps3ffbd989.jpg
A wreath of bells frames a traditional, weight-driven cuckoo clock while christmas decor stars and a bauble become display props for pocket watches.

 photo PLXMAS2012RedStarDETAIL_zps9aed0e11.jpg
Detail of pocket watch highlighting drapery of fob chain.

Client: Peter Lane, Watchmaker - 257 Collins St, Melbourne 3000, ph:9654 6425

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